A successful and thriving establishment has many components, and the right premises on the right terms are two of the most fundamental. Once the contract is signed, there are two additional essential components – atmosphere and customer service – and these are created by the staff and the concept.

Whether you see a need to revamp an existing concept or have an idea you want to build on, Gate46 has the expertise to lead the development project and take responsibility for the entire process from idea to finished product. We have close collaborative partnerships with the best architects and suppliers on the market, which means we can also offer optimal management of the procurement process.

With our knowledge of brands, nationwide and global trends, and the concepts that are in demand at new and existing commercial centers, we have the ability to contribute to the development of new and existing concepts. You are very welcome to contact us to discuss ideas on the development of your store concept.


Kristian Ericsson

Senior Project Manager
& Head of Negotiations