There are a number of vital components in a contract negotiation – and all of them must be handled professionally. Focusing solely on negotiating the lowest possible rent doesn’t necessarily lead to the best conditions for a contractual relationship. We look at the negotiation as a whole, in which the financial, legal and technical requirements and conditions must be negotiated and secured in detail. A contract is usually a conditional relationship extending for a long period of time, which makes structured and meticulous work the key to the right conditions. This might entail investment grants for specific improvements, adjustment of options, premises use and technical requirements, as well as operating and maintenance responsibilities.

Gate46’s results are based on experience, specialist legal expertise and a large contact network comprising both tenants and property owners. With more than 100 negotiations a year, Gate46 has what it takes to assist you with professional agreements and negotiations that will create long-term value and security for your business.


Kristian Ericsson

Senior Project Manager
& Head of Negotiations